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nicholas moduro as the winner. he won the election by less than 1% but the government refuses to conp duct a recall. a proposal may be in jeopardy. several republicans say they will not vote for it. supporters need republicans onboard if the bill has any chance of passing. they say they may be abouting to accept changes to their plan if it will help passage. >> former congresswoman giffords is here in washington for the unveiling of a cheommemorative plaque. she was critically injured in that shooting and resigned last year to focus on her recovery. >> we go to the storm team 4 weather center with tom klerein. >> hey tom. >> good morning. you will need a light jacket before you leave. it is a bit of a chill in the air. a damp chill as well. we have low clouds hanging over the metro area as well. here ip the weather center getting reports of a few breaks in the clouds. temperatures include maryland and west virginia. mont dpgomery county and mid an upper 50s. the rest of virginia and southern maryland and those locations are in the low 50s with low clouds. breaks in the clouds and on the ea
of event would be considered a soft target compared to an airport or major government building because of how large it is and how many people would attend it would certainly be more difficult to protect than a building or something of that nature. >> that was nbc's chris hansen reporting. >>> the boston marathon holds special meaning for some runners from newtown, connecticut. the number 26 marked the victims. the marathon was supposed to be a healing event but now she says it's violence has instead opened up old wounds. >>> emergency calls reveal more this morning about the panic in boston right after those explosions, first responders didn't know what to expect, how many people were actually injured and were more explosions on the way? >> as you know many casualties, just be careful of a secondary device. this is serious. we have serious injuries. >> all companies be very careful of secondary devices. we have very serious injuries. careful of secondary device. very serious injuries. >>> reaction to monday's bombings spread well beyond our borders. we'll have more on that. plus the ve
intelligence analysts and other personnel from every state, local and federal government agency associated with jttf, and many others on their own's including boston pd and mass state police, more than a thousand law enforcement officers across many agencies have been assigned to this investigation via the command post. they began to canvass sources and conduct interviews with others to determine who was responsible for this crime. we are doing this methodically and carefully. all across the nation and around the world, the force of the united states is working hard to locate those responsible. already, the fbi has received more than 2,000 tips as of noon today, many of which have already been reviewed, analyzed and vetted. we will continue to work around the clock tirelessly side by side with our partners to continue to investigate and act on these leads. regarding who may be suspected of this event, the investigation is in its infancy. as law enforcement, it is our responsibility to thoroughly review each and every piece of evidence. some of our activity you may see. some of it you won't
and government offices because that's always the response that we need to have and unfortunately, it's going to be a fixed part of our lives i think forevermore. >> there's no question at time like these people are looking and remembering some of the terrible moments in our history, of course people think of 9/11, and that feeling of vulnerability but as you mentioned, tom, it's much too soon to know what the nature of this attack is. >> that's exactly the case. take oklahoma city, for example, which happened in 1995. we knew that that was a well defined terrorist attack, carried out by timothy mcveigh and his accomplices who were determined to bring down the federal government if they possibly could. you have to remember that 168 people were killed in oklahoma city. i was just there last week. i saw the memorial again, it's a very somber but beautiful place and everyone i talked to in oklahoma city said the residual effect of that bombing was it made the city more compassionate. it united people in a way that they could not have anticipated at the time and ironically, oklahoma city was sche
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4